Current post: Selling TTC T-BERD 310 DS1 / DS0 – We Buy New Used T-BERD 310 DS1 / DS0 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling TTC T-BERD 310 DS1 / DS0 – We Buy New Used T-BERD 310 DS1 / DS0 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell TTC T-BERD 310 DS1 / DS0 Communications Analyzer


As more and more of your customers demand advanced SONET and ATM services, it becomes critical to have the capability to test multiple technologies without requiring multiple test sets. Meet the T-BERD 310—the total network test tool that packs SONET, ATM, DS3, and DS1/0 testing power into one dynamic instrument. The T-BERD 310 possesses one of the testing industry’s best performance and reliability records and is approved by more service providers than any other SONET tester.

Flexible T-BERD 310 packages take the guesswork out of SONET testing by offering electrical, optical, and high-speed optical options tailored to meet your special needs. An optical spectrum analyzer for testing dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) networks is also included in the T-BERD 310’s portfolio of fieldupgradeable options. Plus, an internal modem option and a suite of graphical remote software packages enable you to isolate problems remotely before dispatching a technician.

By regularly adding options to your T-BERD 310, you’ll maximize your investment and ensure that you stay up-to-date with today’s services. As technology changes and your networks grow, you can count on the T-BERD 310 to support you with convenient, easy-to-use upgrades.

The T-BERD 310’s extensive set of measurements, drop and insert functions, and remote control features give you complete testing capabilities in laboratory, manufacturing, central office, or outside plant environments.

Central Office

Maximize maintenance and troubleshooting efficiency with dual DS3 receivers, extensive DS1 analysis, and a wide range of simultaneous error measurements. Quickly set and verify signal level and frequency using signal analysis and pulse shape measurements; verify timing configuration, circuit setup, and easily troubleshoot mid-span meets. The T-BERD 310 also performs critical optical return loss measurements, so you can install and troubleshoot high-speed optical networks.


Simulate ATM traffic conditions and perform detailed testing using advanced error insertion, complete pulse shape analysis, and jitter measurements. Measure automatic protection switch (APS) time, access jitter spectral characteristics, or access the data communications channel from SONET. Perform automatic DS3 and SONET conformance testing. Utilize the TTC Distributed Test Manager (DTM) scripting capabilities to automate regression test suites.

Mobile Telephone
Switching Office (MTSO)

Detect physical layer problems and test DS0, DS1, and DS3 through OC-12 at the MTSO. Quickly troubleshoot a wide range of problems associated with wireless networks. Field upgrade to SONET as your cellular network requires higher bandwidth. In one step, scan all 28 DS1s within a DS3 or SONET signal for framing format, errors, timing slips, and alarms. In-service testing is also supported, with DS1 drop and insert on a live DS3 signal.


Fully integrate the unit into your automated test system with the RS-232/IEEE-488 remote control interface and rack mount capability. The TTC DTM software for Windows? can automate acceptance test suites for maximum flexibility in distributed test applications. National Instruments Corporation’s LabVIEW drivers provide a platform-independent, graphical programming language for the T-BERD 310.

DS1/DS0 testing capabilitie

The DS1/DS0 testing capabilities of the T-BERD 310 offer unmatched flexibility for testing at a variety of test access points. At DS1, it acts as a stand-alone DS1 test set. With the flip of a switch, the test set immediately begins analyzing DS1 tributaries at DS3 or SONET access points. These features enable you to install, qualify, and troubleshoot DS1 signals with one test instrument. DS1/DS0 test capabilities include:

DS1 Scan and Automatic Payload Detection

In one step, scan all 28 DS1s within a DS3 or SONET signal for framing format, errors, timing slips, AIS, CRC errors, and alarms. Scan continuously, or trigger and hold on a DS1 with user-selectable error and alarm events. Reduce problem isolation time further by using automatic payload detection.

ESF Data Link Analysis

Decode BITS synchronization messages to verify the quality of network timing sources. Analyze far-end Performance Report Messages (PRMs) per ANSI T1.403. Generate PRMs emulating customer or carrier equipment. Transmit out-of-band line, payload, or network loop codes over the ESF datalink.

Programmable Loop Codes and Test Patterns

Use 3- to 8-bit programmable loop codes for non-standard DS1 equipment, or select standard in-band Facility 1, Facility 2, or CSU, or out-of-band line, network, and payload. Use 3- to 24-bit programmable test patterns for custom tests, or choose fixed, pseudorandom, or long user patterns (LUP).

DS1 Timing Slips

Quickly identify clocking impairments, a common source of intermittent errors in asynchronous networks and jitter in SONET networks. Access your DS1 timing reference from SONET, DS3, DS1, or BITS access points.

Line Coding

Transmit AMI or B8ZS formats. Automatically detect received AMI or B8ZS coded signals to identify misconfiguration problems quickly.

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DS0 Analysis

Verify voice quality or analyze signaling bits by dropping the voice channel from DS1 to OC-12 access points.

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