Current post: Selling TTC T-BERD 2310 – We Buy New Used T-BERD 2310 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling TTC T-BERD 2310 – We Buy New Used T-BERD 2310 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell TTC T-BERD 2310 Field Service Module OC12 VT100

TTC T-BERD 2310 Field Services Module
The 2310 Field Services Module is an all-in-one integrated testing solution that performs multi-rate transmission testing from DS0 to OC-48/48c and supports physical layer and enhanced services testing at different network rates. Its modular architecture protects your long-term investment by providing the flexibility, scalability, and field upgradability to support evolving test needs.

Product Highlights

Multi-rate transmission testing from DS0 to OC-48c in a single hand-held unit
Multi-services testing capabilities including ATM, GR-303, ISDN, signaling, voice frequency (VF), and digital data service (DDS)
Multiple operation modes to terminate and monitor circuits from various network access points
Easy-to-use, touch-screen graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies and expedites testing
Modular TestPad 2000 architecture enables up-to-date support for established and emerging technologies in a single platform
Engineered for the field with rugged construction, lightweight design, and battery-powered operation
Automated testing features minimize training costs and testing complexity

Application Highlights

Perform end-to-end BER testing using a wide range of stress test patterns
Analyze network performance by simulating abnormal conditions and inserting various errors and alarms
Perform in-service monitoring of the circuit under test to ensure quality of service
Verify proper provisioning of network multiplexers and de-multiplexers
Qualify protocol services such as ATM, GR-303, and ISDN and decode protocol messages
Perform VF and signaling analysis on test circuits
Troubleshoot performance of channelized DS0 services from an in-service circuit using the drop and insert operational mode
Perform network timing synchronization tests and isolate timing errors

Function Highlights

Test optical interfaces at OC-48/48c, OC-12/12c, and OC-3/3c rates
Test electrical interfaces at STS-1, DS3, and DS1 rates
Perform bit error rate tests on SONET/DS3/DS1 circuits
Manipulate SONET overhead bytes with an easy-to-use interface and analyze network performance under abnormal conditions
Perform bi-directional monitoring of STS-1/DS3/DS1 circuits
Monitor and test ATM circuits and verify quality of service measurements
Place and receive calls on an ISDN PRI circuit and test non-facility associated signaling (NFAS) and backup D-Channel circuits
Monitor GR-303 protocol links for proper configuration and collect call statistics
Analyze signaling bits on a T1 voice trunk and place and receive calls
Use VT100 emulation to configure and monitor network elements

Buying, Selling, Trading TTC T-BERD 2310

The 2310 meets the ever-changing needs of today’s transmission test workforce with powerful features that provide streamlined, reliable functionality across all applications.With the 2310, testing and service qualification are as easy as the touch of a button. Because technicians need only minimal training to use this equipment, testing objectives are addressed more quickly and costs of ownership are significantly reduced. Key features on the 2310 include:

Application-Driven Icons
Auto Configuration
Configurable Results (Quad Results™)
Physical, Active Port, and Laser Active LEDs
Simultaneous Results for Different Signal Rates
Timed Prints and Error Logs
Through Mode for All Rates


SONET Analysis
DS3 Analysis
DS1 Analysis
ATM Analysis
GR-303 Protocol Link Analysis
ISDN PRI Testing
Signaling Analysis
Loop-Back Applications

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